Susan Wood

Susan Wood, PhD

President & CEO



Dr. Wood has 20+ years of experience championing clinical imaging-based AI and predictive analytic solutions from concept through market acceptance.

Dr. Wood is president and CEO of, a clinical AI company with focus on intelligent management of patients with or at risk of pulmonary disease. VIDA’s LungPrint AI solution identifies a unique patient profile and optimizes workflows for the pulmonary patient in both clinical trials and clinical care. Prior to VIDA, Dr. Wood was Executive Vice President of Marketing and Technology at Vital Images (now Canon), an advanced visualization and analysis software company focused on enhancing cardio and neurovascular workflows with functional imaging acquisition. Prior to Vital Images, Dr. Wood had multiple leadership positions at R2 Technology (now NASDAQ:HOLX), where she championed the development, regulatory approval and commercial release of the first FDA approved (PMA) computer aided detection (early AI) solutions for the automatic identification of lesions indicative of breast cancers in screening mammography, and lung nodules in diagnostic and screening chest CT examinations. Dr Wood is a member of the board of directors of iCAD (NASDAQ:ICAD), a clinical AI company with initial focus in women’s health.

Dr. Wood received her Ph.D. from the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, School of Hygiene and Public Health. Her Ph.D. work combined quantifying three-dimensional lung structure with changes in lung function in health and disease, using high-resolution CT imaging. She also holds a Master of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University, and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Dr. Wood has been issued multiple patents in the field of computer-aided detection, quantitative imaging and AI; authored numerous book chapters, peer-reviewed papers, abstracts in the field.