Biopharma Presenting Companies


Ark Biosciences

Ark is a biotech company based in Shanghai. We focus on respiratory disease R&D. Our leading program, the anti-RSV drug AK0529, is in a Phase II global PoC trial, and is a leader in the field for treatment of RSV infected pediatric patients. We also work on COPD, influenza and IMP area.

Glyco Mira

GlycoMira Therapeutics

GlycoMira Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company developing a new class of anti-inflammatory therapies that modulate the innate immune response for the treatment of oral and sinus diseases.

OrPro Logo

OrPro Therapeutics Inc.

OrPro Therapeutics (JLABS, San Diego, CA) is developing inhaled monothiol human thioredoxin-1 (Theradux(R)) for restoration of normal mucus transport in cystic fibrosis and bronchiectasis. Engineered for extracellular activity, Theradux is a selective disulfide-reducing biologic derived from a naturally-secreted epithelial homeostatic protein with anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and mucus viscoelasticity-normalizing properties.

Pieris Logo

Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

PIRS is a next-generation therapeutic protein company, deploying its clinically tested Anticalin® drug class to differentiate particularly from mAbs.  In respiratory disease PIRS is leveraging the small size and stability of Anticalins for topical interventions in the lung.  Its lead respiratory asset, PRS-060, is an inhaled IL4Ra antagonist in Phase I.

Renovion Logo

Renovion, Inc.

Renovion licensed its therapy from UNC to treat chronic inflammatory lung diseases.  There are three patients on therapy, including a bilateral lung transplant (LTx) patient.  In-vitro research shows mucus clearance in human CF bronchial cells, an impact on anti-inflammatory markers and antibacterial properties.  Target therapeutic areas are LTx, cystic fibrosis, and PF.

Savara Logo

Savara Inc.

Savara Inc. is a clinical-stage specialty pharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapies for the treatment of serious or life-threatening rare respiratory diseases. Savara’s strategy involves expanding its pipeline of potentially best-in-class products through indication expansion, strategic development partnerships and product acquisitions, with the goal of becoming a leading company in its field. Savara’s management team has significant experience in orphan drug development and pulmonary medicine, in identifying unmet needs, developing and acquiring new product candidates, and effectively advancing them to approvals and commercialization.



Synspira is developing first-in-class,  glycopolymer-based therapeutics that have the potential to address major unmet needs associated with pulmonary disorders, chronic infection and related mucus accumulation and inflammation, which often lead to exacerbations, hospitalizations and irreversible lung function decline in diseases including cystic fibrosis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and pneumonia.

Medical Device Presenting Companies

CSA Medical

CSA Medical, Inc.

CSA Medical is a venture-backed medical device company with a bronchoscopic-based therapeutic device under late-stage development for the treatment of chronic bronchitis.


HCmed Innovations Co., LTD

HCmed is specializing in a tailored mesh nebulizer for drug/device combination. Fully operated by our innovative R&D and managerial team, we are recognized as the one of the world’s leading vibrating mesh nebulizer companies and are cooperating with many leading pharmaceutical companies.

Lung Pacer

Lungpacer Medical, Inc.

Lungpacer is developing a therapeutic solution for preserving/restoring the integrity/strength of the diaphragm muscle in patients who require mechanical ventilation. The system is designed to exercise the diaphragm using a temporary, minimally invasive, transvascular nerve stimulation catheter that is expected to save lives, improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.


Nuvaira, Inc.

Nuvaira has developed a minimally invasive product to treat obstructive lung diseases with a procedure called Targeted Lung Denervation (TLD).   Nuvaira has completed 3 clinical studies and received CE Mark approval for its Nuvaira™ Lung Denervation System in January 2016.  The company is planning a US pivotal study.



Sommetrics is commercializing devices that apply mild negative pressure to the front of the neck to prevent airway collapse during sedation and sleep. The hospital product is being introduced into PACU and sedation procedure areas, and the comfortable and effective sleep apnea product's U.S. Pivotal trial is starting mid-year.

Drug Delivery and Diagnostics Presenting Companies


Avisa Pharma Inc.

Avisa is developing a rapid PoC biomarker breath test for detection and monitoring of pulmonary infections. The Avisa BreathTest guides appropriate use of antibiotics to combat widespread overuse that has fueled the rise of antibiotic-resistant infections by differentiating virulent bacterial pathogens from viral infections and streptococcus pneumonia in 10 minutes.



FLUIDDA has developed Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI) which combines high-resolution CT scans with flow simulations and artificial intelligence. FRI provides unparalleled insights into regional lung structure and function, paving the way for affordable precision medicine across the spectrum of respiratory diseases.


Mercator MedSystems

Mercator MedSystems has developed a drug delivery platform for the safe, accurate and targeted delivery, via local Micro-infusion. The Blowfish trans-bronchoscopic catheter can locally deliver chemo-therapeutic agents and anti-inflammatory steroids to respectively stop the recurrence of impinging airway tumors and for airway stenosis relief in severe Asthma and COPD patients.

Proterix Bio

ProterixBio, Inc.

ProterixBio is commercializing molecular assessments to improve the care of patients with chronic respiratory disease, initially focusing on COPD. By providing a real-time measure of patient’s underlying disease state, physicians can make better care decisions to reduce acute events and improve outcomes.


Pulmatrix Inc.

Pulmatrix is a clinical stage pulmonary drug delivery company developing inhaled therapeutics for unmet pulmonary diseases based on our proprietary iSPERSE engineered inhaled dry powder technology.  Lead program Pulmazole is a 505(b)2 anti fungal to treat fungal disease in ABPA-asthma currently in P1/1b testing.

Digital Tech Presenting Companies

Cohero Health

Cohero Health

BreatheSmart® from Cohero Health is a digital management platform for people with asthma and COPD.  Cohero’s software collects real-time data from its proprietary connected medication trackers and spirometers to proactively manage disease for patient populations. This holistic respiratory management platform is proven to increase adherence, decrease utilization, and improve outcomes.


Health Care Originals, Inc.

HCO provides a full-stack digital health solution for the respiratory monitoring market, comprising a wearable, apps and relevant database/back-end configurations.  Products have applications in many use cases, including remote patient monitoring, telemedicine, supervised research, and clinical trials.  HCO is currently developing a line specifically to aid in asthma management.



MySpiroo is a mobile, connected spirometer developed by HealthUp as part of its digital respiratory disease management system consisting of the cloud-based telemedical platform, mobile applications and AI engine for personalized predictive and decision support algorithms.


Tueo Health

Tueo Health offers a sensor-enabled asthma management program to empower more patients to achieve and maintain asthma control. The program is currently being validated in a nationwide clinical study and will be brought to market in late 2018, available to both consumers and health system partners.

VIDA logo


VIDA is focused on improving pulmonary care with advanced, imaging-based predictive analytics.  Powered by a unique combination of AI software and quality-controlled image analysis services, VIDA’s solution aids early detection, evaluation, and treatment planning of lung diseases, including cancer, emphysema, airway obstructive diseases, and asthma.