Matthew McMahon

Matthew McMahon, PhD

Director, Office of Translational Alliances & Coordination

National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute, NIH


Dr. McMahon leads the Office of Translational Alliances and Coordination to enable the development and commercialization of research discoveries funded by the Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. His office manages NHLBI’s $100 million/year Small Business Program and a national network of six proof-of-concept centers that support the translation of academic discoveries into product development projects. He recently served as the NIH representative on the National Evaluation System for health Technology (NEST) planning board and the associated registry task force. Dr. McMahon previously created and led the National Eye Institute’s Office of Translational Research to advance ophthalmic technologies through public-private partnerships with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. His previous experience includes service as the principal scientist for the bionic eye company Second Sight Medical Products and as a staff member on the Senate and House of Representatives committees responsible for science, technology, and innovation policy.