Jonathan Palley

Jonathan Palley

CEO & Co-Founder

Spire Health


Jonathan Palley is the co-founder, co-inventor, and CEO of Spire Health. Having experienced the smog of Beijing for many years, Palley envisioned a device that would seamlessly be able to monitor and improve respiratory health conditions. Spire Health and its clinical-grade respiratory sensing remote patient monitoring device, Health Tags, represent the culmination of that effort. Health Tags adhere to clothing, never need charging, and require little patient burden for use. Palley sees the recent introduction of three new remote patient monitoring reimbursement codes from CMS as further validation of the market trend towards remote care.

Prior to Spire Health, Palley worked on various big data technology and education companies: Virtual FlashCards, Idapted, and Brainpage. He is also a repeat entrepreneur, technologist and professionally trained actor.