George Washko

George Washko, Jr., MD

Pulmonologist, Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Brigham and Women's Hospital


I am a clinical investigator at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where I began my career focused on therapeutic trials in COPD. The heterogeneity of disease and broad range of responses to pharmacologic and device based intervention I observed led me to build a lab dedicated to the objective characterization of medical images to stratify disease, detect previously undiagnosed comorbid conditions and provide intermediate study endpoints for clinical investigation. I have since been involved in several national and international multicenter collaborations spanning a range of acute and chronic medical conditions. These experiences have informed the library of machine learning and AI based algorithms we have developed that quickly and efficiently parse heterogeneous imaging data and identify features of interest. We believe that this will provide clinical investigators and health care providers with new insight into the burden and distribution of disease in their patients.