Andreas Fouras

Andreas Fouras




Professor Andreas Fouras started his career in academic research, as a mechanical engineer with an interest in aerodynamics. His early research led to the development of new imaging algorithms to quantitatively measure airflow.

Andreas was able to apply this novel wind tunnel quantification to clinical use through the development of XV Technology, which uniquely allows for the measurement of airflow within the breathing lungs with both high spatial and temporal resolution at low dose. Andreas has published over 100 peer reviewed publications and holds 32 patents.

With a keen interest to see his research make real-world impact, Andreas left full-time academic research founding 4Dx in 2013. In 6 short years, 4Dx has taken XV Technology through benchtop, preclinical and now clinical validation. With first in human clinical trial a success and FDA submission imminent, Andreas is well on the way to bringing the game-changing capabilities of XV Technology to doctors and patients worldwide.